Snowmobiles on open water, Superbikes this weekend

Superbikes will be flying around Brainerd International Raceway’s road course this weekend while snowmobiles are on Lake BIR defying gravity and a bunch of other laws of physics while completing laps on open water.

Racing5It’s BIR’s Wet & Wild Weekend – the first of two this year. The second one is Sept. 19-21.

The snowmobiles are part of the International Watercross Association (IWA), which features two forms of open-water racing: drag racing and oval racing. In drag racing, snowmobiles take off from shore, with the winner reaching the far shoreline first.

Oval racing is far more entertaining from a spectator’s viewpoint. Again, the snowmobiles take off from shore, complete four or five laps around floating markers and then return to shore. Sometimes, the laws of physics catch up to IWA2_Wthem and they sink to the bottom of the lake. After the race is completed, a special pontoon drives out to them and hoists them out of the water, delivering them back to shore where they dry out their sled in time for the next heat.

While the snowmobiles are on the lake, the Central Roadracing Association will be on BIR’s 2.5-mile Competition Road Course all weekend. Practice sessions are Friday for all classes, as well as Saturday and Sunday mornings, followed by five- and six-lap sprint races the rest of Saturday and Sunday.

Daily admission is $20 and kids 12 and under are free. Tickets are available at the gate.

CRA Superbike Racing photo by SDE

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