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A comprehensive array of amenities allows us to provide a unique facility for your needs.

· The three mile road course that features high speed turns and nearly one mile of main straight racing surface.
·A world speed setting drag strip with one of the flattest, smoothest, and stickiest quarter miles on the planet.
·A variety of accommodations ranging from open camping in our 400 acre infield, 164 full service campsites, family camping areas, to deluxe track side condominiums featuring plush rooms and an excellent view of the track.
·Our “Top Fuel Club” building can accommodate more than 250 guests.
·We have on sight garages for storage, maintenance, and construction.
·The control tower features nine VIP suites, with private parking and an observation deck.
·Grand stands large enough to seat 20,000 people.

With over 600 acres of private and secure property, BIR is an excellent venue for motion picture and television projects, conventions, theme parties, car clubs, test and tuning on all types of vehicles. Our emphasis is on versatility and world class hospitality. Combining our own security force, a seasoned staff, and the leading edge in sound systems and timing equipment, we can offer what very few raceways can.

For track rental and usage
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