Track Rules

Auxiliary Vehicles

Motorized Auxiliary Vehicles
All non-licensed motorized vehicles (any vehicle that doesn’t have current state roadworthy licensing) will require an authorization sticker to operate on BIR grounds. An authorization sticker is available for sale at the Front Gate during events. Pricing is as follows:

$10 – 2018 Season Ticket (excluding NHRA Nationals and MAP Proving Grounds)
$25 - 2018 MAP Proving Grounds (Sticker will be good at the June event and the September Event)
$80 - 2018 NHRA Nationals only

To purchase a non-licensed vehicle ticket, an adult (over 18 years old) with a valid drivers license must sign a release waiver and take full responsibility for that vehicle and any and all injuries/damages it causes. The ticket is then redeemed for an individually numbered sticker to be placed on the front of the vehicle. Tickets can be redeemed for stickers by stopping by the Security station or by contacting any of our security guards and presenting the vehicle for inspection. (See vehicle guidelines below)

Vehicle guidelines
It is not the responsibility of BIR for pit vehicle safety, it is the person who signs the release that takes full ownership of that vehicle to see that it is safely operated! The following is a list of guidelines with regards to vehicles.

Trailer or “partywagon” guidelines
• Trailers should not be wider than the tow vehicle.
• All sharp edges should be padded.
• All seats/tables should be bolted down, strapped or enclosed by sturdy railing.
• Night time brings added concern for safety. Be careful!

Motorized vehicle rules
• The maximum speed limit inside BIR is 10 mph.
• Drivers of all motorized vehicles must be at least 16 years old and carry a valid driver’s license.
• All vehicles MUST HAVE functioning headlight and taillight from dusk through dawn. Flashlights do not qualify as a legal headlight or taillight.
• All motorized vehicles MUST drive on the appropriate side of the road.
• BIR reserves the right to confiscate pit transportation of any violators.

Non-motorized vehicles (bicycles, Rollerblades, skateboards, etc)
No one under the age of 18 is allowed to operate non-motorized vehicles in the pit area during racing hours.

Available Inside BIR

Now available inside BIR for all events
• The Wheelie Bar & Grille – full service bar and grill, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner!
• Race Fuel – Available at Nitro Square located adjacent to the BIR Front Office
VP 110 and 93 Octane available at the pump, 5 gal barrels of C12, C16, E85 & more.
• ATMs – Located under the main grandstand and inside The Wheelie Bar & Grille
• Ice – Available at The Wheelie Bar & Grille
• Firewood – Should be purchased at BIR to prevent the spread of invasive species
• Concessions – A variety of food and beverages are available around the track.

What’s Not Allowed Inside BIR

List of what’s not allowed inside BIR (not a complete list)
• No weapons of any kind are allowed on BIR property. This includes those with permits to carry.
• No skateboards, bicycles or Rollerblades are allowed in the pit areas during racing hours or on the racing surface after hours.
• No fireworks.
• No campfires larger than 3 feet in diameter.
• Glass bottles are only allowed at your campsite.
• BIR reserves the right to refuse entry and to remove any individual from the property.

Ticket Refunds, Exchanges, Replacement

Ticket Refunds, Exchanges, Replacements
No ticket refunds, exchanges or replacements. If an event is postponed for any reason, your ticket will entitle you to admission on the date that the event is held. Tickets or wrist bands that are lost or stolen will not be replaced.

Spectator Re-Entry

Spectator Re-Entry Policy
All spectators re-entering BIR must have the appropriate wristband, which must be available for inspection at any time.


BIR’s Pet Policy
Pet owners must fill out a pet waiver prior to entering the facility. All pets must be kept on a leash at all times and must be attended to. We are a pet friendly track, please pick up after your pet.

Lost & Found

Lost & Found
Lost & Found is located at the security shack at the Front Gate.

Track Radio

Listen to all the racing action on your radio
BIR has two radio frequencies to catch all the racing action.

• 105.3 FM for all drag racing and road racing events on the Donnybrooke Road Course

• 87.9 FM for all road racing events on the 2.5-mile Competition Road Course

Security & First Aid

Security & First Aid at BIR
24-hour security is provided at all spectator events at BIR. There is always a security guard at the Front Gate.

First aid is available from any security person at BIR.

Risk Waiver

Risk Waiver is Required
The holder of an event ticket voluntarily assumes all risks incident, including, but not limited to, flying objects, vehicles, other people, conditions of the facility and unforeseen hazards, whether occurring prior to, during, or subsequent to the actual conduct of the event, and agrees that all event participants, sanctioning bodies, sponsors, track employees, agents, officials, contractors, its affiliates and subsidiaries are hereby released from any and all claims arising from the event.


The rules and/or regulations set forth herein are written to provide for the orderly conduct of motorsports events and to establish minimum acceptable requirements for such events.

NO EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF SAFETY SHALL RESULT FROM PUBLICATION OF OR COMPLIANCE WITH THESE RULES AND/OR REGULATIONS. They are intended as a guide for the conduct of participants and fans of the sport of racing and are in no way a guarantee against injury or death to a participant, spectator or official.

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